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Artificial Turf

Artificial Truf

Artificial Turf Grass Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Dubai Artificial Truf is committed to developing high-tech artificial playing surfaces enabling natural sports to play but with increased durability and the capability for many more fixtures than your typical grass pitch. Our research and development team are constantly innovating our artificial turf pitches to ensure we meet both professional playing standards but are also at the forefront of new technologies in our market.

Our high-quality artificial grass meets a number of specifications for different sports with our product range including traditional tufted and innovative premium woven turf. We Supply and install and maintain durable, high-performance synthetic sports turf, applying the expertise we have achieved during our 16 years of industry-leading innovation, research, and development.

When you choose Artificial Turf Dubai, you benefit from a well-tested, top-performing product. Artificial turf is a petroleum-based product promoted as a water- and maintenance-free alternative to conventional turf lawns. Before artificial turf is laid down, the soil below it is compacted. Then, a layer of sand or decomposed granite (or sometimes concrete) is put on top of the soil and compacted so the turf lays flat.

Next, a layer of plastic may be applied, followed by the artificial turf being stapled down. Some artificial Grass Supplier advertises that the turf itself is permeable, but they do not include in their analysis that earth beneath it is generally not.