Balcony Artificial Grass

Balcony Artificial Grass

Balcony Artificial Grass Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Artificial grass is the perfect basis for your balcony; away with that boring concrete. Turn your balcony into an attractive ambiance with Balcony Artificial Grass Dubai. It will make your balcony look really trendy! Royal Grass is the ideal green decking cover, offering you great satisfaction for many years to come.

The surface of a balcony or terrace is mostly flat (concrete, asphalt, and another hard surfacing), so the installation of artificial grass is very simple. Usually, you can order the grass carpet in one piece. Just unroll the carpet and your decking cover is ready! Please notice if you want to install artificial grass over concrete that it must be very even.

Installation of the balcony artificial grass is similar to the installation of the grass on the garden lawn.  The main difference is that we don’t have to do any groundwork, but installing the end product is generally the same. We use joining tape where possible when joining the grass as we want to put as little glue onto the balcony as possible.

To secure the grass in place we will only use glue around the perimeter of the area making sure to leave gaps in the beading for drainage. We also take special care to fasten the grass around entrances to prevent trip hazards. Too much glue underneath the grass will stop water from free-draining under the product and also will make it very difficult to lift if required.

When we fit onto a timber surface we will nail around the perimeter rather than glue as the glue will break away from the wood. For the average-sized balcony, we can install the artificial grass within half a day. Depending on the time of year you will be looking at between 1 to 3 weeks to get a booking.

If you have a small balcony it is fairly easy to lay Balcony Artificial Grass yourself and you can request delivery only. Like anywhere else it is dependent on the use-age of the area. If you foresee your balcony having a lot of footfall we recommend grass with a shorter pile such as the Outfield artificial grass.

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