Nurseries Artificial Grass

Nurseries Artificial Grass

Nurseries Artificial Grass

Nurseries Artificial Grass in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Our nurseries artificial grass will create a beautiful and safe all-weather outdoor learning environment for your school and nursery. Do you have an unloved area of the playground that is becoming unsafe for children due to mud and bad drainage? Do you have a waterlogged field that hardly ever gets used? Is your tarmac playground becoming dull and uninspiring for children’s play?

Our artificial grass is the perfect solution for your school and will create new zones for children to learn and play year-round. Produced from quality materials and woven to high standards, our artificial grass has passed FIFA’s rigorous durability tests. Children’s safety is paramount and is the main reason why we use shock absorbers to soften falls and encourage safe risk-taking.

Our Best Quality Nurseries Artificial Grass 

Amazingly, our nurseries artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and will look and feel like real grass (without the mud of course. Play areas with artificial grass are a fun and safe way for children to experience the outdoor world. It provides a softer surface than concrete or paving, causing less stress on little joints and offering a springy landing if children fall, or for toddlers crawling over the grass.

Natural turf can become waterlogged and muddy after heavy rain, making it slippery or otherwise unsuitable for young children to play on. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is laid on a sub-base made of a type of limestone aggregate and grano dust or sharp sand, which provides easy drainage. There is no dirt in the grass, meaning it will not become muddy and is suitable for kids all year round.