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Whether you’re installing a surround for a temporary pool at an event or for a pool area at home, our swimming pool artificial grass range is ideal for providing a safe and maintainable ground for everyone to use.

The area won’t require any maintenance or treatments, and it will look just as good in the winter as it does in the summer, all with minimal effort! Durable and reliable, artificial grass will withstand heavy use and tolerate water splashes and chlorine content, giving you a great-looking pool area all year round! Artificial grass around a swimming pool will not only make the area look neat, but it will also keep your pool and surrounding area looking clean and pristine.

It’s nice to take a refreshing dip in a pool, but it can be annoying having to fish out grass clippings and dirt brought in with the grass—but luckily you won’t have this issue with artificial grass! Another advantage of having artificial grass around the pool is to it provides a soft surface to walk on with wet and dry feet.

Your feet will no longer be greeted by a rough concrete surface or muddy grass, but instead a soft and bouncy artificial grass surface surrounding the pool. While concrete, wood composite plastic, and paving slabs are popular pool surrounds, the most effective pool surround is artificial grass. It looks just like real grass, except without the mud, messing, and mowing! A soft cushioned base can also be applied underneath the swimming pool artificial grass to provide extra protection from falls, and it’s comfortable and safe to walk on.

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