Buy Custom Made Furniture in Dubai As Per Your Need

Transform your home or office with custom made furniture in Dubai. Our bespoke designs are crafted to perfection, reflecting your style and personality. Discover our collection of designs to get tailored treatment for your living space furnishing elements.

Custom-made furniture
Design Versatility

Design Versatility

Free Sampling

Free Sampling

Warranty & Guaranty

Warranty & Guaranty

Accurate Finishing

Accurate Finishing

Style Your Space With Our Custom Made Furniture

Dubai Artificial Grass is a top-notch customized furniture shop that provides highly versatile, durable, and easily maintainable furnishing elements made from premium quality synthetic, recyclable, and natural material combinations. To design your custom made furniture, we use materials that ensure multi-functionality and optimized comfort.

material choices
Material Choices

Available materials are wood, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic, glass, laminate, and metal. Upholstery involves velvet, jute, silk, brocade, damask, tweed, suede, cotton, and polyester.

increased value
Improved Value

With comfortable padding, cozy seating, quality materials, and graceful appeal, our furnishing pieces offer the value enhancement of your residential and commercial indoors or outdoors.

Versatile Custom Made Furniture
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Types Of Customize Furniture We Offer

We offer a wide collection of items with vintage and modern designs to style your spaces appealingly. You can browse the complimentary style for every interior or exterior decor to create the most inviting and cohesive spaces.

custom Dining Sets

Custom Dining Sets

We present 100+ dining set designs in the UAE Market to meet your requirements.


Custom Wardrobes

We provide wall-mounted wardrobes with bespoke compartment options.

custom Wooden Doors

Custom Wooden Door

Make your entryways fascinating with our sustainably manufactured doors.


Custom Bookcases

Get space-saving bookshelves for visual appeal and personality display.

Our Custom Made Furniture Benefits

As the #1 Dubai-based firm for supplying custom home furniture, we ensure the production of accessorizing elements that are entirely favorable in terms of functionality, decoration, and your health concerns.

Optimized Storage Facility Get custom made furniture with personalized compartments and storage functionality to store your accessories, creating cluttered and perfectly organized spaces.
Unique Style & Sustainability Our crafted pieces allow you to reflect your style through tailored treatments. Also, you can get a damage-resistant piece that can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
Eco-Friendly & Easy Care We use environment-friendly wood and recyclable materials that don’t wear out quickly, providing you with easy upkeep and good value for money.

Our Latest Customized Furniture Designs

Premium Quality Custom Made Furniture Dubai At Low Rates

Get our key services of perfectly manufactured high-quality custom made furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to affordably transform your living style. After you select your desired finish, padding material, upholstery fabric, seating style, supporting material, and paints or varnishes for your indoor or outdoor furnishings, we guarantee 100% quality measures.

Despite the use of premium and highly robust materials, we charge you reasonable prices for our expert personalization services. Whether you select custom wood furniture or a leather one for personalization, we offer exclusive discounts for client satisfaction. To upgrade your lifestyle affordably, you can entirely count on our reliable and quality services.

Customization Treatment For Home and Office Furniture

To give your residential and commercial spaces an excellent finish, we offer a facility for bespoke essentials with plenty of design options. Being the best custom made furniture maker in Dubai, we provide you with bespoke solutions in terms of materials, shapes, colors, sizes, textures, finishes, and patterns.

Whether it’s a sofa or table, chair or couch, bench or stool, bed or headboard, vanity or dresser, cabinets or cupboards, we ensure the usage of heavy-duty materials with meticulous finishing of each element considering the ongoing trends. For the graceful revival of your living spaces, schedule your slot for customization with us.

Get Customized Furniture For Every Space

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Why Choose Us For Custom Made Furniture in Dubai?

Dubai Artificial Grass is the #1 platform to provide you with custom treatments for indoor and outdoor furniture elements. To enhance the value and style of your residential and commercial spaces, you can get desirable accessorizing pieces from us.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Excellent Craftsmanship

Our precise crafting creates the most purposeful pieces.

Quick Item Shipping

Quick Item Shipping

We timely deliver your piece and offer assembly service as well.

Clients Viewpoints

5 star rating service

Frequently Asked Questions

For furniture customization, we have extensive material options at our store, featuring natural, recyclable, and synthetic materials. You can choose wood, glass, laminate, MDF, leather, acrylic, plastic, metal, and many more for your bespoke elements.

Yes! By stripping or removing old finishes and upholstery fabrics, we can give your existing essentials a modern touch. You can also go for mix and match vintage or modern styles by selecting desired prints or patterns and supporting materials.

Well, the timespan to craft each piece can greatly vary depending on the type of furniture element, their shape and style, and the design requirements of the client. Usually, it takes more than 3 weeks or over a month to personalize each element from scratch.

Of course! You can bring your unique ideas and pictures to show us for your bespoke essentials. Our craftsmen are skillful enough to provide you with the exact piece tailored to the intended space’s style and layouts.