Get Endless Variety Of Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Give your old sofa new life or create a unique design with sofa upholstery in Dubai. We offer a variety of fabrics and materials for sofa repair and upholstery treatments, along with customized sofa makeover services.

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Upgrade Your Old Sofa With Luxury Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Want to restyle your dull and damaged sofas and couches without a lot of expense? Bring them to us and watch the magic of our best sofa upholstery services in Dubai. Our services not only improve the look of every new and old furnishing but also increase its comfort and usefulness by many folds. Moreover, the treatments we offer will make your couches highly damage-resistant and way easier to care for.

Other than old items, you can get our upholstering services for new pieces as well and have them designed just the way you want. We stock endless print, pattern, and color options!

Our High-quality Upholstering Fabric And Material Ranges

Among our vast collections of sofa upholstery and reupholstering fabrics, you can find every desired option, whether you want something decorative for luxurious furnishing or more hard-wearing for everyday use. Here are some of our most popular fabric options, suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Real Leather

Real Leather

Our leather sofa upholstery Dubai is extremely luxurious, heavy-duty, stain-resistant, and creates the most attractive-looking and durable sofas.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

This hypoallergenic and low-maintenance fabric is available in multiple designs, is best for busy households, and offers greater comfort.

Pure Linen

Pure Linen

Our premium-grade linen will give your couches and sofas the most elegant look with enhanced comfort, and it is free from fading.

Warm Wool

Warm Wool

This naturally stain-resistant and insulating fabric creates the coziest furnishing and works wonders for formal and luxurious decor.

Our Latest Sofa Repair & Upholstery Projects

Get Uniquely Customized Sofa Upholstery Works In Dubai

Other than predefined sofa covering materials, we offer the most outstanding custom treatments for every repair and fabrication need. You can get the upholstery and reupholstery fabric custom-designed with your choice of materials and blends and have personalized prints, patterns, colors, shades, tufted and buttoned styles, and much more.

This way, you can get your hands on custom furniture that’s truly distinctive and luxurious, is convenient to care for, and will last a lot longer than ready-made choices. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you with favorable suggestions!

Advantages Of Booking Our Furniture Upholstery Services

The foremost advantage of our sofa upholstery is that it keeps you from buying new items, hence saving you a lot of money. Moreover, you can custom design sofa that is dear to you or has sentimental value treated, beautified, and preserved for longer periods of time.

Our upholstering and reupholstering treatments maximize the comfort of every piece of seating furniture, making it ergonomic and offering you plenty of health benefits.

Our More Furniture Products

We Provide The Cost-effective Sofa Refurbishing in Dubai

With us, you can get all kinds of furniture restoration, preservation, and improvement services under one roof and on a budget. We provide new sofa fabrication, couch reupholstery, fabric and leather sofa repairs, sofa upholstery repairs in Abu Dhabi, custom couch covers in Dubai, sofa cover upholstery, and all other services that you need.

Our expert upholstery services and sofa refurbishing will offer you multiple instant and long-term advantages, ease of handling and upkeep, valuable home decor, and excellent value for your money.

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Why Choose Us?

Dubai Artificial Grass is the best sofa upholstery shop in the entire UAE, where you can get highly budget-friendly, beneficial, comforting, and long-lasting sofa makeover services. With our unique and premium-grade custom fabrication solutions, you can easily create any interior theme and enjoy an extraordinary level of comfort at your place. No matter the extent of damage to your sofas, our furniture upholstery and couch reupholstery services will have you covered.

Other than the best custom sofa upholstery solutions, we also provide upholstery cleaning and maintenance services to restore all the beauty of your place’s furnishings. You can get both on-site and in-store services and doorstep deliveries of your couches and sofas after flawless treatments. Give us a call today and discuss all your requirements for the best solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your old sofa upholstered is a way better approach than buying a new one because it is much cheaper and cost-effective as well. An upholstering treatment enhances the comfort of your furnishing, preserves its beauty, and also allows you to design it how you like.

Upholstery for sofas usually lasts up to 7 to 15 years and can be made more durable with careful usage and adequate maintenance. Other than traffic and upkeep, how many times a sofa is moved also impacts its longevity. You can choose more sturdy materials for extra durability.

Though any fabric can be chosen to upholster or reupholster a sofa, it must align with the usage extent, lifestyle, and needs of the user. For instance, sofas in busy places or commercial areas should be upholstered with more heavy-duty fabrics and vice versa.

Generally, the procedure of sofa upholstery takes around 16 to 28 hours or more in the case of rare and complex jobs. This also depends on the size and number of items. Moreover, the drying time can also require up to 24 hours. Detailed fixing or repairs can add to the time frame.

Yes, we offer upholstery and reupholstery services for both indoor and outdoor sofas. You can choose from a range of materials such as Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic, Sunbrella, Canvas, Vinyl, Solution-dyed Cotton, and others, depending on your usage and design requirements.

Our upholstery services for sofas involve the utilization of the finest quality and most heavy-duty fabrics and you can get any desired designing for an outstanding piece. Moreover, our services make all sofas and couches resistant to damage and wear and tear for longer periods of time.