Landscaping Artificial Grass

Landscaping Artificial Grass

Landscaping Artificial Grass

Landscaping Artificial Grass in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

‘Green’ really is a feel good factor in our living environment. Grass often forms the basis for green areas. Lovely fresh green grass, nothing is more suitable for brightening up public spaces. From the perspective of park management, grass is certainly not the most ideal material.

Grass is susceptible to wear and requires intensive maintenance. Artificial grass, on the other hand, has a high load-bearing capacity and forms a tough, durable and maintenance-friendly solution for urban green areas and economically responsible park management.

The Landscaping Artificial Grass assortment contains high-quality and low-cost artificial grass products specifically designed for public landscaping. Our website provides extensive information about artificial grass and examples of its use in public spaces. Artificial grass has to be able to fulfill specific needs for various types of landscaping projects.

Artificial grass for a roundabout for example, has to be installed in a different way and has to meet different requirements, than artificial grass for green roofs. Artificial grass for public parks and gardens is a relatively new concept and people’s knowledge in this area is usually quite limited. As a quality, service oriented producer, Landscaping Artificial Grass would be pleased to help you in the planning phase.

Feel free to contact us for advice – no strings attached.Social responsibility plays an important part in public landscaping management. It is essential to bear in mind the effects of the materials used on the environment. Therefore, the use of Landscaping Artificial Grass is suitable for responsible park management. Artificial grass leads to a reduction in maintenance.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow. No more mowing, hence no harmful emissions caused by motorized lawnmowers – saving the environment as well as costs. The use of artificial grass helps save water. Artificial grass does not grow and therefore does not need water. This way, you will be able to use our costly drinking water responsibly.