Golf Artificial Grass

Golf Artificial Grass

Golf Artificial Grass

Golf Artificial Grass in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Golf artificial grass is becoming a popular choice for professionals across the UAE. Our artificial grass installation is always tailored in design and construction, catering to unique customer needs.

We love golf, that’s why we provide golf artificial grass for putting greens, winter tees, driving ranges, and fairways, providing a very practical, low maintenance, and hard-wearing surface that allows year-round play. As well as golf-players, clubs benefit too with improved facilities, improved players, and an increase in revenue over the winter period.

Golf really does depend on well-maintained fairways, putting greens, and tees. Advancements in synthetic grass have to lead to turf that is smooth and even, providing an unhindered ball-roll. Golf Artificial grass use in back gardens has become increasingly popular and is an ideal way to improve your putting skills and lower your handicap.

In comparison to natural turf, which requires a high level of maintenance, the golf artificial grass solution turns your garden into a perfect green for golfing. Golf has a stunning dark forest green color tone with high-density tufting that offers a wonderful feeling underfoot.

The 10mm thickness with a compact pile will suit a patio, decking area, garden, or terrace beautifully, whether you want a premium quality putting surface or need to create a play area for your children and pets.

High-Quality Artificial Grass in Dubai

Flexible and resilient, with synthetic fibers that will maintain their shape even in the most frequented areas of your garden, Golf artificial grass also has a strong, quality backing and UV protection, both guaranteeing high performance and durability. Environmentally friendly for more peace of mind, this artificial grass is also easy to install and to maintain.