Advantages Of Artificial Turf In Sports Fields

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If you want to enhance the efficiency of any sports area with no hard work or extraordinary accessories, then going for artificial turf In sports fields is all you need. Because artificial grass is being widely used in all sectors, including homes, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, nurseries, and playgrounds, for the time being.

The reason behind it is obvious, as artificial turf saves you from many things like watering, cutting, mowing, and fertilizing. Because of its extraordinary practicality and aesthetical features, the number of its buyers is increasing consistently. You can buy this amazing turf at affordable rates and explore its versatility after having it in your place.

Whether you want to buy it for your homes, offices, or any sports ground area, it is the ideal flooring solution that you can opt for. Let’s discuss the striking features of having artificial turf in sports fields.

Pros Of Having Artificial Turf In Sports Fields

Installing artificial grass in sports can provide you with a smooth and soft surface to play on. Unlike natural grass, cheap artificial grass Dubai can absorb the shock of falling more effectively and save you from injuries better than natural grass. Let’s explore some of the beneficial advantages of artificial turf in sports briefly.

1. Uniform Playing Area

Best Uniform Playing Area

Artificial grass offers more control over the consistency of the field and pitch. Because artificial grass is made uniformly, it provides an even surface to play on the ground well. As playgrounds are the places that experience high foot traffic during games or tournaments. So, for this kind of area, the pile height of the grass should be kept low, like 1.25 inches, which is ideal for playgrounds.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Minimal Maintenance

This is one of the best features of artificial grass that can help groundskeepers as they don’t have to maintain it like natural grass, which is surely a hectic task. As you know, this grass is fake, so it doesn’t grow and you don’t have to cut the widest area all the time. The maintenance of fake turf is almost non-existent.

The other amazing fact is that you don’t need to water it to keep its outlook up to mark for games. The other point to be noted is that this grass doesn’t require mowing, pesticides, seeds, or fertilizers to keep it growing.

3. Weather-resistant

Weather resistant

One of the plus points about installing this grass on sports grounds is that this grass is weather-resistant. Because it withstands the harsh climate conditions and heavy foot traffic. You can even buy it for the areas where rainfall happens consistently.

But the important thing to consider here is that the infill and the right drainage system are a must for the proper flow of rainwater. To drain out water over a short period, playgrounds must have an effective way so that this grass can withstand the flow of water. It also helps to dry the water quickly.

4. Chemical Free

Chemical Free


Artificial turf is ideal for sports fields because it ensures safety and keeps allergies at bay. Natural grass can cause infections because of fertilizers and affect the health of people.

However, artificial grass is eco-friendly and offers you a pleasing environment that is chemical-free. The reason behind its chemical-free nature is that it is made from materials that don’t require pesticides that are dangerous to human health.

5. Minimize Injury Risks

Minimize Injury Risks

Artificial turf is made from different materials, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. But polypropylene is a material that comes with the feature of soft padding, therefore minimizing the risk of injuries as compared to natural grass.

This synthetic turf can enhance playability and provide you with a safe field to play on. During games, players need to run and jump, and sometimes they fall on the floor. In this situation, artificial grass saves you from getting bruised because of its soft fibers.

6. Is Cost-effective & Saves Water

Is Cost-effective & Saves Water

Having fake grass is a cost-effective solution in the sense that it can save you the cost of maintenance and buying chemicals to maintain the grass. Besides that, natural grass needs a gardener, water, and fertilizer too, which is quite costly and not everyone can afford it or have time to take care of the lawn itself.

Artificial turf is an effective solution, particularly for sports fields, because natural grass requires hundreds of thousands of water gallons annually to maintain its evergreen natural look. During the accumulation of dust, dirt, or stains, fake turf only requires water to be cleaned.

7. No Recovery Time Required

No Recovery Time Required

Unlike natural grass, fake turf doesn’t need extra time to recover the field in case of heavy rainfall. Because of the drainage system, water can directly move towards its destined place and get dry in a minimum amount of time.

This artificial turf can endure maximum use without wasting time in the recovery process. The turf doesn’t get muddy, and water can quickly dry because of the direct flow of water towards the drainage area. Sometimes tournaments or events get canceled because of the rainfall issue. So it is best to go for artificial turf to avoid this problem.

8. Long-Lasting


Artificial grass can easily endure intense use yet maintain its appearance. The fibers of fake grass are of prime quality and provide durability for a long time. With just a little care and maintenance, artificial turf can withstand 500 hours of continuous use during tournaments or any event like concerts.

You can buy this turf considering its evergreen nature because this grass is UV resistant and can bear direct sunlight. With no fertilizer and water, it shines all around the year without fading out the color. A high-quality turf with an ideal thickness can withstand high traffic or extreme temperatures easily.

To Wrap It Up!

With its endless features and long-term investment facility, artificial grass is consistently becoming popular in residential, commercial, and local areas. One of the best advantages of artificial turf in sports fields is that it enhances the playability without the recovery time and still maintains its soft and extraordinary appearance all year round.

Because of its strong and toxin-free nature, it offers you long-term serviceability. We suggest you buy artificial turf to install on sports grounds because it has more pros than natural grass. I am ending this discussion, hoping it will be helpful for you when deciding to buy artificial grass for playgrounds.

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