What Is The Best Artificial Grass For Residential Use?

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One of the best ways to adorn your outdoor places is the installation of artificial grass in your home. It is the perfect flooring solution as it is quite easier to maintain the artificial grass than other grass types. Besides adding beauty to your areas, one of the best features of this grass is that you don’t have to water, trim, or fertilize it to make it grow.

Artificial grass is best for those who don’t have time to take good care of natural grass because of their busy schedules. You just need to install and then clean the grass after a period of time to keep it look tidier. But, there is not the only thing that you can consider in mind when choosing the best artificial grass for residential use.

You must notify the quality, yarn, padding, thickness, pile height, infill, color, and above all costs. If you think all these qualities are present in the artificial grass that you are purchasing, then you must go for it.

However, artificial grass Dubai is not only of one type rather there is an endless range of varieties in the market to pick from. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss the best artificial grass for installing in your homes.

Distinct Types of Artificial Grass For Residential Use

Artificial grass is widely used due to its boundless attributes and it is one of the best features of fake grass that you can buy according to your style and need preference. Let’s take a ride to review this guide for better guidance to choose artificial grass.

Choose Between Different Materials For Artificial Grass

You can pick artificial grass on the basis of different fabric materials which are as follows:

  • Polypropylene Artificial Grass

Polypropylene Artificial Grass

Artificial grass made from polypropylene fabric material is the cheapest solution. It has the finest texture and least durable material for artificial turf. It is the most real-looking grass type that is least resilient and heat resistant.

  • Polyethylene Artificial Grass

Polyethylene Artificial Grass

Polyethylene artificial grass is realistic-looking grass material that is extremely resistant to water absorption. This is the most strong grass type with a high density of polyethylene. It is an extremely soft material with a latex backing and quite easy to clean. One of the best things about polyethylene artificial grass is that it is easy to dry. It also has drainage holes for the flow of water in the rainy season.

  • Nylon Artificial Grass

Nylon Artificial Grass

Artificial grass made from nylon is excellent for residential or even commercial use. Nylon is extremely resilient and requires a negligible amount of maintenance. This type of artificial grass can withstand everyday use easily and last for a longer time.

Features of Artificial Grass

Now we’ll discuss some types of artificial grass with their versatile features. Let’s dig into the detail.

1. Materials Of Artificial Grass

Materials Of Artificial Grass

If you are looking for the best Artificial grass for residential to upgrade your lawn, then you must consider the material fabric of the artificial turf. Because the material is something that can make any product last longer. We just discussed different materials for the fake grass. It depends on your needs and requirement which suits your place best.

However, among the three material choices, polypropylene is the most fantastic quality material that can offer optimal use and maximum durability. The color of the grass made from polypropylene doesn’t fade away because it is UV resistant. It looks like real grass and you can get them with a warranty of 10-15 years approximately.

2. Weight of Grass Turf For Lawn

Weight of Grass Turf For Lawn

The other factor you must consider before buying artificial Grass is the weight of the material fabric which vary with different materials and sizing options. There is the It is high in weight which can help to fix the turf firmly in its place. It is flexible to use because you can use it for different purposes. It has a durable latex that offers optimal use and longevity.

Other than that, it is UV resistant therefore its yarns maintain their appearance for a long time. You don’t have to wait for hours for the water to dry as the drainage system in its backing helps the water to dry quickly. The amazing fact about this grass is that it is chemical free so your kids can play on it without any fear.

3. Size of Artificial Grass

Size of Artificial Grass

The next type in this list is pet grow which is highly durable and offers a glowing shade to your lawn because it comes in four color tones. It is quite soft and lush, and because of synthetic materials, this grass can endure UV rays. This grass offers superb resilience and its pile height makes it look more realistic.

It is made from dense polypropylene a woven material that makes them water and dust-proof. The rubber backing and multilayers of this artificial grass can easily fix it with the floor of any place including the backyard, garden, deck, patio, balcony, and terraces. It also comes with drainage the reason is that LITA artificial grass comes in a massive range of sizes. You can buy this grass according to your space requirement. You don’t have to cut it into the pieces to match the area size of your home. holes that make it easier to flow water swiftly.

4. Density & Pile Height Of Artificial Turf

Density & Pile Height Of Artificial Turf

If you want to buy high-quality artificial turf for both interior and exterior places, then buying this turf will satisfy your requirements. It comes in a combination of colors including yellow, green, and olive green. This mixing of colors gives this grass a beautiful yet realistic appearance.

This grass is available with spine yarn patterns with distinct colors and patterns to enhance the display of your garden. The backing of this grass is made of latex which offers durability, longevity, and resistance to UV rays. Besides that, it doesn’t require any infill for the high level of traffic.

It has the best pile density which provides you with the thick appearance of this grass all year round.

5. Yarn Of Realistic Artificial Grass

Yarn Of Realistic Artificial Grass

Grasssun artificial turf is an affordable option to go for with an excellent outlook. It is made of polyester tie cord which is a lightweight and non-toxic material. The tie cord is used as the backing of this grass which also helps in securely attaching it to the floors. It is a lead-free and eco-friendly material that provides a safer atmosphere.

It is made from weather-resistant yarns which makes it a lot easier to maintain. It can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures because it is foster and UV-proof.

6. Infill & Backing Of The Grass

Colour & Sub-Base Of Fake Turf

One of the best artificial grass for residential use is ZGR made from polyethylene which is a durable material. This grass is fade-resistant, easy to maintain, drain, and offers longevity.

You can buy this grass made from non-toxic fabric materials and are environment-friendly. It is comparatively thicker than other grass materials and available with rubber backing.

7. Colour & Softness Of Fake Turf

Colour & Sub-Base Of Fake Turf

There are distinct choices based on their colors to pick from. You can select from different colors according to your style and requirements, but going for the green is a definitive choice. There are different color shades of green, like olive, light, dark, and pastel. The other best thing about this grass is that it doesn’t fade away its color with the direct piercing of sunlight and still maintains its lush green appearance all around the year.

The soft grass offers comfort and joy. You can lie down on this grass without the fear of getting your clothes dirty. The rubber backing prevents slips and trips, and your children can run and play freely on this grass.

8. Non-toxic Turf With Easy Maintenance

Non-toxic Turf With Easy Maintenance

Try to buy grass made from non-toxic fabric materials that are environment-friendly. Besides that, the fake grass is a lot easier to maintain as it doesn’t require frequent cleaning. You also don’t have to water, fertilize, or trim them to enhance their appearance.

Wrap Up!

Buying the best artificial grass is not a simple task unless you know about the factors that can help you buy the perfect turf for your place. However, you must note the pile, yarn, density, colors, materials, and distinct types of artificial turf. We hope this guide will help you select the perfect grass. It is easier to buy them from the market, with diverse size options.

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