Comparing the Costs and Benefits of Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

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Having a grassy area at any place, whether at home or office, can benefit you in many ways. It improves the outlook, provides fresh and quality air to breathe, traps carbon dioxide, and lessens noise pollution. However, there are many types of grass with their own features and qualities.

Besides natural grass, the other most popular type is artificial grass, which is in style because it is far easier to maintain. There is a major difference between the two types when comparing the costs and benefits of artificial turf vs natural grass.

You will explore their diverse attributes in this brief guide, which will help you make a better decision whenever choosing between artificial turf vs natural grass. Let’s dig into the costs and benefits of both.

Comparison of The Costs of Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

Here’s the comparison guide between the costs of artificial turf and natural grass for your help.

Cost of Artificial Turf

Cost of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is getting more renowned day by day as it is flexible to use and maintain. However, the cost of artificial grass in Dubai is comparatively higher than natural grass. Installation of artificial turf can be expensive, but it lasts for a considerable amount of time and maintains its shape.

In this modern era with hectic routines and busy schedules, having artificial turf can benefit you in many ways. Because no one has the time out of their schedules to take a look at their natural grass gardens and maintain them. It is far better to have artificial turf in your home because it is worth your budget.

Cost of Natural Grass

Cost of Natural Grass

Unlike artificial turf, it is relatively cheaper to have natural grass in your place. But the maintenance of natural grass can cost you more than artificial turf. Because you may need to periodically vacuum, trim, fertilize, and water the natural grass, otherwise it will lose its outlook and the grass will begin to appear yellow. Natural grass is a time-consuming flooring solution and takes a lot of effort.

Benefits of Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

Besides the costs, there are various advantages to having artificial turf and natural grass. Let’s first take a look at the exclusive features of artificial turf.

Pros of Artificial Turf

After examining the distinct attributes of artificial turf, you can easily choose whether you are going to buy or not buy artificial grass.

  • Aesthetic Appearance

Aesthetic Appearance of artificial turf

Artificial turf is an absolute choice to opt for as it comes in a diversity of textures, piles, colors, lengths, densities, and layouts. It is a seamless flooring solution and can enhance the appearance of any place in no time.

Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers that are dyed to look like real grass. You can choose from a variety of options and also customize artificial grass according to your requirements and preference.

  • Withstand Weather Conditions

artificial turf Withstand Weather Conditions

Artificial turf is made using polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon fibers, which are synthetic materials. It is the best thing about artificial turf that it doesn’t change its color, unlike natural grass, which starts to look ugly when we don’t water it.

You will be amazed to know that artificial turf remains the same all year and maintains its color and aesthetics. During the rainy season, it doesn’t accumulate water but rather drains it out without flooding.

  • Extensive Use

Extensive Use of artificial turf

One of the best pros of artificial turf vs natural grass is that it is timeless to use artificial glass in any place. You can install it in the garden, terraces, balconies, decks, patios, backyards, nurseries, gyms, and playing areas. All these places face heavy foot traffic daily. But installing artificial turf at these places saves them time and money too.


  • Safe for Kids & Pets

artificial turf Safe for Kids & Pets

It is one of the exceptional benefits of artificial turf and it is germ-free. Because of their anti-bacterial nature, you can install them in your homes. It protects your children and pets from harmful germs and insects.

Because it is fake grass, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides make it a safer solution for kids. Your kids can play on this grass without any fear because it is super soft and tidier than natural grass.

  • Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance of Artificial turf

Because there is no need to water this grass, cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf are almost non-existent as compared to natural grass. You don’t have to cut this grass after some time as it doesn’t grow over time. It also doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides, or a gardener to look after artificial grass.

  • Mud & Mess Free

Artificial turf Mud & Mess Free

It is one of the best features when comparing the costs and benefits of artificial turf vs natural grass that having artificial grass is a mud-free solution that can save you from various germs and infections.

It makes it easier to vacuum and maintain them because it doesn’t require frequent gallons of water to sustain their appearance; rather, you just have to spray them after a considerable time.

Pros of Natural Grass

Like artificial grass, having natural grass can also benefit you, but there are more cons to having it than pros. Let’s read the pros of natural grass without wasting a second.

  • Provides Quality Air

Natural grass Provides Quality Air

Natural grass provides your place with a charming effect and improves the air quality. You can refresh your mind in the open air. Natural grass can trap carbon dioxide, which makes the air quality better.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance of Natural Grass

You have to take proper measures to make your garden sustain its outlook. It is quite difficult for a single person to look after a wide area of grass, and you may need to hire gardeners for this purpose. Therefore, it is quite expensive to have a natural grass garden in your place.

  • Can Last Forever

Can Last Forever

It is the advantage of natural grass over artificial grass that it can last for a lifetime, while artificial turf can face wear and tear. You can enjoy the perks of natural grass with proper care and maintenance, while you will need to repair a certain part of artificial turf to make it look refined again.

To End Up The Discussion!!!

This was all about comparing the costs and benefits of artificial turf vs natural grass. It is entirely up to you to decide which is best for you in terms of cost, features, needs, and available space. However, we will suggest that you choose artificial turf over natural grass because it has more pros than cons.

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