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How To Clean Artificial Grass?

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Artificial grass is becoming the choice of most homeowners as it requires an almost negligible amount of maintenance and looks after itself. It doesn’t require water, trimming, fertilizers, or pesticides to sustain its appearance. Because of its fake nature, artificial grass can sustain its green color and stay lush all year.

Artificial grass is an ideal flooring solution to have in any place because of its striking features. You can buy artificial grass in a massive range of colors, piles, textures, shapes, and lengths. Additionally, you can enjoy being there without the fear of having any bacterial infections. The best artificial turf provides germ protection and a mud-free atmosphere for your areas.

However, artificial grass does require non-existent maintenance and cleaning, depending on the way you look after your artificial grass garden. If you are busy or don’t know how to clean artificial grass, then you can hire a professional cleaner to give you maintenance services for artificial turf.

Inversely, you can do it yourself by following some proper steps to clean your high-quality grass. Let’s take a ride to go through the easy steps to clean artificial turf at your place.

Quick Guide To Cleaning and Maintaining Artificial Grass

Artificial grass needs cleaning only when you don’t look after it properly. Due to dirt, debris, coffee stains, juice spilling, and a lot of weeds and leaves, your artificial turf may require periodic maintenance.

If you think that cleaning artificial grass is a difficult task to do, then don’t get stressed and read this guide with quick tips to clean and maintain your artificial turf thoroughly.

1. Tools and Materials Are Required

Grabbing tools and materials is the first step you need to take to clean artificial grass. Using innovative pieces of equipment can make your task easier and less hectic. The tools for cleaning artificial grass include

  • A Good-Quality Brush
  • Leaf Blower
  • Broom or Plastic Rake
  • A Toothbrush (if needed)
  • A bucket
  • Paper Towel
  • Sponge or Soft Piece of cloth
  • An effective deterrent

Brush the Grass Thoroughly

The first working step after gathering all the tools and materials to clean artificial grass. Take a start and clean the grass first by using a reliable brush. There can be debris from anything or falling leaves after a heavy storm.

You can use a leaf blower or a broom with stiff bristles to clean all the dirty materials from your artificial grass. A leaf blower is quite effective for getting rid of all the leaves from your artificial grass. Bring all of the leaves to one corner and place them in the dustbin.

Brush The artificial Grass

Get Rid of Dust and Weeds

The leaf blower cannot collect the accumulated dirt between the artificial rug fibers. You can rinse the dust completely with the help of a garden hose. Keep the water pressure low, as it may damage your artificial grass.

Start cleaning from either end of your place and sweep out the dust by moving the hose in a circular motion to effectively clean the dirt. Weed and moss formation often takes place in your artificial gardens. You can remove them using an organic solution or water-based killer agent with a maximum pH. Remove all of the leaves and debris, as well as any moss and weeds.


Remove Spills and Stains

Sometimes your artificial grass looks bad because of accidental spills of juices, mustard, wine, or coffee stains. You can remove these stains by using water solutions and granular detergents. Take a bucket of water and mix an effective detergent in it.

Then, with the help of a soft cloth or towel, rub the stains gently without exerting too much pressure. Dampen the cloth in water solutions and gently blot up liquid on the artificial grass. You can easily remove the stains by using a sponge without damaging the appearance of your artificial grass.

Remove Spills & Stains

Remove Grease or Sticky Residues

Removing greasy or sticky residues, including lipstick, gum, paint, or crayons, is another step in cleaning artificial grass. Use a small, sharp knife to scrape out all the pasty or greasy elements from your artificial grass.

But keep in mind not to use a knife harshly, as it can cut the grass while scraping. Use a knife across the length of the grass and remove all the sticky residue from your grass. You can also use a toothbrush to clean out the mustard paste from artificial turf.

Remove Greasy or Sticky Residues

6. Maintenance of Artificial Grass

Proper maintenance is the final step in keeping your artificial grass looking new all year. Cleaning artificial grass is quite easy when you do it frequently. If you have pets in your home, then there is a chance of bacterial germs in artificial grass.

You can use a sprayer with vinegar and water solutions in it to kill the germs. Use a vacuum at least once a week to keep them tidy and germ-free.

Maintenance of Artificial Grass

To Wrap Up!!!

In this article, we discussed the easiest yet most effective steps to clean artificial grass at home. Cleaning them thoroughly may take some time if you have a large area to vacuum. But you must clean your artificial grass once a week.

The tools and measures you can take for cleaning artificial turf include brushes, knives, leaf blowers, buckets, or detergents using a piece of clean cloth or towel. If you have this type of equipment at home, then it is a seamless solution for you to maintain and clean artificial grass.

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